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North Weymouth Soldiers' Monument (Hingham, Massachusetts)


Residing on an eminence in North Weymouth Cemetery, "one of the oldest cemeteries still in use in the United States', the Soldiers' Monument stands at 25 feet and was dedicated on July 4, 1868. An obelisk of Quincy granite, this monument is flanked by naval canons and was placed in honour of the 99 men from Weymouth who are known to have died during the Civil War. The name, company, regiment, age and cause of death of each of these soldiers is on the obelisk inscribed; these inscriptions were originally written on appended marble tablets that have since been removed. While the monument's planning committee had reportedly planned for each of Weymouth's four villages to erect a monument, North Weymouth's Soldiers' Monument remains the town's only Civil War memorial. It was rededicated on May 12, 2018.

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