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Asheville Zebulon Baird Vance Monument (Asheville, North Carolina)


The monument was built of rusticated granite blocks in the form of an obelisk. The square base and plinth are also granite. It was fashioned after the Washington monument and stands 75 feet tall. Aside from a small Masonic notation the only inscription when constructed was "Vance" inscribed on each side of the plinth. In 1938 the Asheville Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy added a bronze plaque above the west face inscription. The monument had fallen into disrepair and was restored in 2015. At the June 2015 rededication another bronze plaque was placed on a small sloped granite block in front of the west face. The monument is surrounded by a black iron fence. Within the fence is another sloped granite block with a bronze inscription memorializing the capture of a piece of military equipment in World War I. As of current events, it is now shrouded, and is set for removal in the near future following consistent pressure from activist groups in the area.

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