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Bar Harbor Civil War Monument (Carmel, Maine)


Bar Harbor's Civil War memorial is located in the old village burial grounds adjacent to the St. Saviour's Episcopal Church and the Bar Harbor Congregational Church on Mt. Desert Street. It is dedicated to the men of Eden (Bar Harbor's former name) who served during the American Civil War. The memorial was erected by the Town of Eden on November 4, 1897, the cost of the monument amounted to $5,000 dollars and was funded by the town and public subscription. It was designed and created by Cook & Watkins company of Boston, and the granite was supplied by N.H. Higgins of Ellsworth, Maine. The monument is thirty-three feet tall and is surmounted by a private of the Union Army. Each of its sides is engraved with the emblems representing each part of the Union military: the infantry, the artillery, the cavalry, and the artillery.

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