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Soldiers' Monument Dover-Foxcroft (Carmel, Maine)


The Soldiers' Monument located in monument Square, Dover-Foxcroft (originally two separate towns), is a twenty-five-foot-high granite monument, surmounted by a sculpture of a Union soldier at parade rest. It is dedicated to the men of Foxcroft who served on behalf of the Union during the American Civil War. The monument was funded and gifted to the town of Foxcroft in 1893 by Mr. Pegleg Washburn, a native of Foxcroft. A second identical monument was given to the town of Abbot, where his wife Sarah is buried. Although too old to serve, Washburn supported the Union during the war and wished to have a permanent memorial for the soldiers of both towns. The monument was made by the stone cutter firm Morse & Bridge of Dexter and dedicated on October 21st, 1893. The accompanying canon was obtained through the C. P. Chandler Post No, 154 G.A.R from a naval yard.

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