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The Wirz Monument (Oglethorpe, Georgia)


The Wirz Monument was dedicated in 1909 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to commemorate, and exonerate, Captain Heinrich Hartmann Wirz who served as the commander of the Andersonville Civil War Prison between 1864-65. Wirz was hanged in Washington, DC in 1865 with a conviction of murder and conspiracy by a military tribunal. The monument is a thirty-five-foot-tall granite obelisk. Both the pedestal's base and the obelisk's base rest on layers of rough, unpolished granite. The pedestal's base is boldly inscribed with the word "WIRZ." The pedestal's four sides bear individual inscriptions. The monument is still standing and is the site of an annual memorial service for Henry Wirz each November hosted by the Alexander H. Stephens Camp 78, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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