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Loyal Cherokees (Raleigh, North Carolina)


The Loyal Cherokee tablet is a bronze plaque set into the face of a column made of rough native stone. It is engraved with the profile of Will West Long who was a descendant of a Cherokee Confederate Veteran. The opening of the marker was attended by a troop of Boy Scouts, locals and several Native American tribes. It was made to "[stress] the need of southern history being perpetuated and eulogized the Indian soldiers of the Confederacy'. This was in response to the men who became part of companies A and B of the 6th NC Regiment, broadly made up of able-bodied Native American men, who served as scouts and home guards along the border with Tennessee. Several Native American members sang both "America' and "Beulah Land' in their native tongues. It is flagged by World War One markers that commemorate fallen Cherokees during that war.

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