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Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum


The Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum is a house museum, situated in Brunswick, Maine dedicated to Civil War veteran and subsequent governor of Maine, Joshua L. Chamberlain. The house was built in 1824 and was rented to private individuals until 1859, when it was bought by Chamberlain for $2,100. The house remained in the family of Chamberlain until 1939, when it was sold by his granddaughter to Emery Booker, a local banker and businessman. Throughout the years the house underwent many renovations, and under the ownership of Booker, it was divided into seven apartments for Bowdoin College students, the same college Chamberlain worked for as a professor. In 1983, after Booker’s death, the Pejepscot History Center (then Pejepscot Historical Society) bought the house for $75,000, and through donations and volunteer work, the house was renovated once more to look like it did during Chamberlain’s time. Though the museum opened in 1984, restoration work and item donations persisted through the 1990s. Notable items displayed in the museum include, Chamberlain’s Gettysburg boots, the Governor’s desk and chair, as well as the Medal of Honour which was awarded to Chamberlain for leading the defence in Little Round Top on the 2nd of July 1863.

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