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Chamberlain Freedom Park


Chamberlain Freedom Park was dedicated in 1997 to Joshua L. Chamberlain who led a successful defense against the Confederate army on 2nd July 1863 in Gettysburg. Built on a slanting hill, the park imitates Little Round Top, Gettysburg and contains multiple plaques with inscriptions regarding the fight of the 2nd of July, as well as three sculptures; a statue of Joshua Chamberlain, a replica of the 20th Maine Monument that stands in Little Round Top and North to Freedom. The idea for the park started in 1995 when the house of John Holyoke was demolished to make way for a new Penobscot Bridge. Holyoke was a prominent abolitionist, and his house contained an underground shaft linking the house with the Penobscot river. The symbolic tracks installed on the park commemorate the site’s significance as a stop for self-emancipated persons on their way to Canada and to freedom.

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