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Franklin Memorial Park Common Soldier (Winton, Virginia)


Marking the semi-centennial of the Civil War, the Franklin Memorial Park common soldier honors Franklin's Confederate dead. This marble monument features a private soldier standing at parade rest surmounting a granite plinth, base, dado, and shaft. As a plaque near the monument relays, the statue and the park were gifted to Franklin in 1946 by the children of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Camp. James L. Camp was the former chairman and president of the Camp Brothers' lumber mill, and later paper mill, the company which helped Franklin to prosper in the twentieth century. While originally erected in 1911, the statue has been moved several times. Its position in Franklin's Memorial Park was only really secured 35 years after its construction, and its presence there is still being challenged today. As of Summer 2021, the monument was removed and re-erected in the Poplar Springs Cemetery half a mile from the Memorial Park.

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