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Bath Civil War Soldiers' Monument (Dayton, Maine)


The Bath Civil War Soldiers' Monument is located opposite the Sagadahoc County Court House, and at the intersection of Centre Street and High Street. It is dedicated to the men of Bath who died during the American Civil War 1861 - 1865. $4975 was funded by the City of Bath for its creation, and it was designed by C.J. Noyes and created by William Hogan. This monument is a quartz obelisk over 30 feet high; surmounted by an eagle; and has four marble tables placed into each of the sides. In front, a cannon is placed, this is one of two which were taken from Fort Popham, Phippsburg (Maine) and was donated by the War Department to the city in 1902. The second cannon is located in Oak Grove Cemetery. The monument lists the names of the 109 men who died during the War and bears a quote from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address. This is one of the first Civil War Monuments to be erected in Maine.

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