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Houlton Civil War Monument (Florenceville-Bristol, Maine)


Located at Monument Park in the Town of Houlton, this Union Soldiers' monument is dedicated to the soldiers and sailors of Houlton who lost their lives during the American Civil War. In 1902 the Great Fire of Houlton destroyed a large portion of the town centre, a section of the burned area was later used for the construction of a park, the monument, and the Cary Library. The monument, constructed by the Houlton Granite and Marble Works, is made of granite and consists of a multitiered base surmounted by a Union soldier depicted at parade rest. The Lower section has a mounted bronze plaque, this plaque honours a native of Houlton: Major General Henry C. Merriam. Merriam served as a Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the 73rd United States Colored Troops Infantry Regiment. The platform of the monument is decorated with eight evenly-spaced cannonballs. The monument was funded by the Town of Houlton and private subscription, and it was dedicated on May 31, 1909.

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