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Colby Memorial Hall (Carmel, Maine)


Originally located on the old Colby College campus, on College Avenue, this Memorial Hall was erected for new college classrooms and was dedicated to the students and graduates of Colby College who fought and died during the American Civil War 1861 - 1865. The Memorial Hall was designed by Alexander Esty of Boston, and the building consisted of a chapel on the west wing, an alumni hall on the second floor, a library in the east wing, and a belfry tower. The Hall was funded by Colby College, Ladies of Bangor and public subscription. Installed into the east wall of Alumni hall was another memorial, based on the Lion of Lucerne, and accompanied by a tablet inscribed with the names of the Union soldiers. The hall was dedicated on August 10, 1869. However, the college was moved to Mayflower Hill during the 20th Century, and the hall was later razed along with the rest of the old campus in 1966.

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